About Us

Welcome to LATENITEX. We're not just a brand, we're a lifestyle inspired by the vibrant street culture of cities like LA, NYC, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

We're your gateway to alternative streetwear, featuring pieces inspired by a unique blend of goth, grunge, punk, Y2K, e-boy, e-girl, cyber, and alternative aesthetics. Our collection is like a snapshot of city life - diverse, dynamic, and full of character.

LATENITEX is a celebration of self-expression and the embrace of individuality. We offer a variety of styles for those who love to challenge the norm, dare to be different, and relish in their uniqueness.

Whether you're lighting up the night, or just taking on the day with style, LATENITEX is your fashion ally. Step into our world, where every day is an opportunity to express who you are.